About Us

Isma' Ħabib is a free peer led support group for Maltese and Gozitan men anywhere, anytime.

Our Vision

Isma' Ħabib is open to all men who seek assistance and support, without any judgement. We are committed to ensure that the community is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible. It is an autonomous organisation with no affiliation to any religious or political groupings. Isma' Ħabib will remain forever non-professional and has no opinion on any outside matters, causes or controversies.    

About Us

Isma' Ħabib is an independent, non-denominational, inclusive support community by men for men offering solidarity with a shared purpose: to support each member in managing or overcoming challenges around mental health. We provide a practical solutions-based community creating a safe space in which men can achieve their common goal through a shared experience of resilience and hope. All meetings are free of charge. Isma' Ħabib is a FIDEM Foundation initiative. 

Founding Principles

Isma' Ħabib is guided as a community by its group principles and individually by its individual principles which serve to ensure that the primary purpose of the community is safeguarded and that principles come before personalities. The principles serve to guide the governance of the group with respect to its relationship to the wider community in which it sits and the individual members it serves.

Guiding Principles of the Group

Isma' Ħabib declines outside contribution from any organisations or associations. Donations can be made at an individual level and are to be used for the purpose of growing the community and reaching those that are yet to find it. Integral to our principle of donations is in individuals giving time not just financial aid. We aim to build supportive resources from respective professionals for our community. 

Isma' Ħabib is a peer-led self-help support group which relies of members of the community volunteering to help manage the group. As such various service positions have been created in which members can volunteer for. Service is an important part of the community and serves both the group as a whole and the individual members. 

Individual service positions will have a term of service and individuals are to be voted in by other members of the community.

While Isma' Ħabib is peer led FIDEM Foundation initiative, Isma' Ħabib is not affiliated to any causes or controversies and has no opinions on outside matters. Central to the integrity of the group is creating a safe space for men by men with a shared purpose free from outside influences. 

Isma' Ħabib is autonomous in its principles and operations. This gives the community the freedom to decide on how they feel this community would work best for them and other men with challenges around their mental health. 

Isma' Ħabib as a peer led support group extends help and support for free in a non-professional manner.  Isma' Ħabib is not a counselling service and offers no professional services. Central to the purpose of Isma' Ħabib is one man helping another though a shared purpose. This is done by sharing our experience and knowledge of our respective challenges.  

While Isma' Ħabib is a peer-led support group it is supported by and will have affiliations with psychological professionals. This is to help support the group as a whole in related matters and to safeguard the community. 

Nothing should divert the community from its primary purpose of one man helping another man around mental health challenges. The integrity of the group should be protected and central to this is the community’s neutrality. Isma' Ħabib and its community will have no opinions on any outside matters or controversies. 

Guiding Principles Individual

No one should use Isma' Ħabib for self-promotion or lend its name to any outside or enterprises. Nor should any community member use Isma' Ħabib as a platform to promote services to other community members. 

Anonymity and privacy should be respected at all times. Essential to the success of Isma' Ħabib is creating a safe space for individual’s to feel safe in being vulnerable. Each man should seek to protect every other man in the community in respect of anonymity and privacy. 

We practice honesty, humility, compassion, tolerance, and patience with everyone, whether we agree with them or not. Putting principles before personalities teaches us to treat everyone equally and maintains the integrity of the group. 

Isma' Ħabib is for men by men, and we welcome everyone to get involved and have their say on how the community should operate. Everyone’s voice is equal, and decisions are made by a group vote and once made are to be collectively supported. 

The most important man in the community is the one that is new or has not found it yet. Our aim to create a space in which any man feels this community is a place they can find a safe refuge and support. 

The principles that are central to the spirit of this community are

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Empathetic
  • Tolerant
  • Patient
  • Understanding
  • No Gossiping
  • Humility
  • Willingness
  • Helpfulness
  • Open mindedness
  • Service