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Isma' Ħabib

Isma' Ħabib is a safe, inclusive, autonomous support community where men meet to share and manage their mental health challenges. Meetings are free and conducted in Maltese and English.

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Our community is here to listen and support you, without any judgment.

By men, for men

We know that men have their own particular mental health challenges that sometimes only other men can understand. This community is here to help you.

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In-Person Meetings

We organise regular, free meetings around Malta and Gozo where you can share, listen and seek support in a safe space. Find a meeting.

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For Friends and Family

Are you concerned about a loved one or a friend? Do you feel he would benefit from speaking to another man about whatever is troubling him?

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About Us

Founded in 2023

Isma' Ħabib is an independent, non-denominational, inclusive support community by men for men offering solidarity with a shared purpose: to support each member in managing or overcoming challenges around mental health.

We provide a practical solutions-based community creating a safe space in which men can achieve their common goal through a shared experience of resilience and hope. All meetings are free of charge.

Isma' Ħabib is a FIDEM Foundation initiative.  

Our Vision

Isma' Ħabib is open to all men who seek assistance and support, without any judgment. We are committed to ensure that the community is inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible. It is an autonomous organisation with no affiliation to any religious or political groupings. Isma' Ħabib will remain forever non-professional and has no opinion on any outside matters, causes or controversies. 

Do I have a mental health issue?

Anxiety. Stress. Depression. Isolation. Mental health affects us all but sometimes it takes over our life affecting our behaviour, relationships, work performance, leaving us unable to function as we would like to. 

Did you know?

You are not alone. Mental health affects us all, whether directly or indirectly. Anxiety, depression, stress, feeling overwhelmed, feelings of isolation, job insecurity, higher bills: these are some of the things that can affect our mental health which in turn impact our behaviour, our relationships, our work performance, our life.

Mental health is a basic human right for everyone. According to the World Health Organisation, good mental health is directly linked to mental and psychological well-being.


4.3% in EU

Depression is a common mental disorder affecting 4.3% of people in Europe (WHO)


3 out of 4

3 out of 4 people who suffer from depression across Europe do not receive adequate treatment (WHO)



40% of men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health issues (Priory Group)


9 out of 10

9 out of 10 people with mental health problems say stigma and discrimination have a negative effect on their life (Mental Health UK)


Maltese people

Maltese people are less likely to report they suffer from depression than their fellow Europeans



50% of mental disorders in adults begin during adolescence before the age of 14 years.

Our Stories

When did you realise you were not okay? What stopped you from reaching out and asking for help? This is what other men told us.

Simply talking about it is already a type of help...

By talking you get some weight off your shoulders. Others don’t have any bias when assessing your situation. They can open your eyes and offer solutions.


Counselling and meetings came to my rescue...

I could open up in a safe environment without fear of judgement or ridicule. The fact I was taking action in a positive way made me feel better.


Fear of ridicule, of breaking down in front of others...

of showing weakness all stopped me from reaching out for help. Admitting I was struggling was an admission of having a problem and I preferred to ignore it.


Knowing there is support can be as strong as actually receiving support...

Just knowing it’s there can make a huge difference to one’s mental health.