Isma’ Ħabib: Malta’s New Mental Service For Men

Isma’ Ħabib is a new psychological initiative by men for men, offering an environment that supports and accompanies men through their mental health journies.

Launched by the FIDEM charity, it is a community-based peer-led support group with the shared purpose of providing a space for men to come forward and seek help.

FIDEM is offering an adequate safe space with the purpose of men supporting one another through shared experiences, resilience, and hope.

The service is free and offers accessible support to all men who seek it.

Isma’ Ħabib is not only about the struggles that men face but also about the journey of resilience and healing. A community that encourages men to acknowledge their feelings, reach out for support, and understand that vulnerability is not a weakness but a courageous and necessary act of self-care.

Just because mental health conversations have improved over the years, does not mean that it’s become any easier for people to admit they need help and actually seek it.

Especially when it comes to men and their battle with the stereotypical belief that “men shouldn’t show emotion”.

Several statistics have indicated that up to 80% of suicide deaths in Malta occur by men, which should make us ponder on the crucial demand of creating safe spaces for men and making them known.

This is why this initiative enables conversations on the issues men face in terms of mental health which are often overlooked or dismissed.

For more information on regular meetings by Isma’ Ħabib, you can contact them at +356 99804082 or email them at [email protected].

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Isma’ Ħabib: Malta’s New Mental Service For Men